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MPR solicitors instructed by senior diplomat for pre-charge advice

  • Posted

Seema Parikh, Partner specialising in Serious and Complex Crime from the Private Client Team at MPR solicitors has been instructed by a senior diplomat to advise and represent their interests and provide strategic pre-charge advice. Pre-charge advice,...

MPR represents Canadian national in drugs importation case

  • Posted

Our client was duped into importing several kilos of Class A drugs professionally concealed in what has been described by U.K. Border Force as  a “ sophisticated concealment bearing all the hallmarks of a professional organised crime group”....

HMRC furlough scheme fraud defence

  • Posted

Up to £3.5 billion may have been paid out to companies and individuals for fraudulent claims in relation to the government's coronavirus job retention scheme and other coronavirus financial support schemes such as bounce back loans and grants....

MPR instructed in courier fraud following Encrochat hack by law enforcement agencies

  • Posted

Following the recent successful hack by the NCA (National Crime Agency) acting together with other world wide law enforcement agencies MPR Solicitors have been instructed to act in a case for one of the defendants charged with a conspiracy to money...

PR Entrepreneur instructs us for crisis management and pre-charge advice

  • Posted

Seema Parikh from the Private Client Team at MPR solicitors was instructed to deal with crisis management on behalf of a business owner of a successful PR company and to make written representations to the police and CPS not to pursue a criminal...

MPR instructed to design guidance and AML procedures for multinational

  • Posted

MPR have been instructed to design and help implement Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures within a large multi-national company that will deal with their regulatory and compliance concerns. This involves an in depth analysis of each stage of...

MPR solicitors instructed in Boxer "King Cole Kershaw" murder case

  • Posted

We have been instructed to defend one of several suspects in connection with the murder of the Bury based boxer Cole Kershaw in what the police are describing as a targeted hit. On 12 th August 2020 Greater Manchester Police attended the scene of a shooting...

MPR solicitors instructed in Manchester shooting case

  • Posted

We have been instructed to advise and represent a foreign national being extradited to the U.K. for a professional hit on a target in Manchester. The case is a complex conspiracy to commit murder and money laundering linked to organised crime...

MPR solicitors secure acquittal in Surrey murder

  • Posted

Our client was unanimously found Not Guilty by a jury at Isleworth Crown Court this month following a 2 week trial which took place under the new Covid-19 protocols for jury trials. We were one of the first murder cases in the country to be heard under the...

MPR solicitors to defend attempted murder case in Woking, Surrey

  • Posted

Our client is a young adult ( just turned 18 this year) charged with one count of attempted murder which allegedly took place in a park in Woking and involved a weapon.   The case is complex and serious in nature. The stakes are high due to the nature...

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