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MPR successful in opposing investigation into corporate fraud in Accident Claims Industry

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Seema Parikh of MPR solicitors LLP was instructed on behalf of 3 company directors and an employee in the Accident Claims Industry to fend off a police investigation involving conspiracy to defraud and money laundering. The investigation spanned several companies and involved several million pounds of accounting losses and duplicate/illegal claims.

Part of the police investigation and dawn raid resulted in high performance luxury vehicles being impounded under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. This was swiftly resolved when MPR solicitors were instructed to take over the case and immediately negotiated with the City of London police the release of the vehicles including a Ferrari with the threat of litigation in the High Court.

The next hurdle was to build a pro-active defence case to prevent the investigation from continuing or at the very least to cease any possibility of a charge. The defence team set about compiling relevant evidence to show that the workings of the company whilst perhaps unorthodox were not illegal and that no law had been broken.

We at MPR were successful in influencing the case at the pre-charge stage and made written representations to the police/CPS demanding that they apply the Full Code Test that all Prosecutors must do in deciding whether to charge suspects. We highlighted deficiencies in the Crown’s case and bolstered our case.

The case was dropped against our clients after a lengthy and complex set of investigations.