Accreditations and Professional Memberships

As an expert law firm specialising in criminal defence, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining the highest standards of legal practice so we can deliver the best possible results for our clients.

We have a wide range of accreditations and professional memberships both as a firm and individuals to further our professional development and client service skills.

Law Society Accreditations

The Law Society accreditations are only awarded to firms and individuals which demonstrate expertise in specific service areas. Our firm is regularly reviewed to maintain its accreditations and help develop and promote principles of best practice in our areas of specialism. We are members of the following Law Society accreditation schemes:

Criminal Litigation

The Criminal Litigation Accreditation recognises solicitors, barristers and legal executives who have a high level of skill and experience in criminal defence and representation.


The Lexcel Accreditation recognises top standards of client care and legal practice management. Lexcel is a practice quality mark which confirms the reliability of our services and strong track record for producing positive results for our clients.

Higher Rights of Audience

Higher Rights of Audience are awarded to solicitors who are qualified to advise and represent clients in the higher criminal and/or civil courts, including the Crown Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Amongst our talented team, Sapna Shah, Alan Williams and Zeba Khatun are qualified to represent you in the higher criminal courts. Sapna and Alan are also qualified to represent you in the higher civil courts.

Solicitors Association of Higher Courts Advocates (SAHCA)

Sapna Shah is a member of SAHCA, an organisation which has represented solicitor advocates since solicitors were given the right to appear in higher courts.

Police Station Representatives Accreditation

Our team includes qualified police station representatives, Liane Atcheson and Filiz Ekrem who can attend police stations across Hounslow and London to advise and represent you. For information about our police station advice services, visit our Pre-Charge Advice page.

Professional Memberships

As a boutique law firm, we pride ourselves on the depth of our expertise and ability to provide a first-class service rarely found at other firms, particularly in the area of criminal defence law.

As part of our dedication to our clients, our lawyers are members of a wide range of professional organisations, all designed to promote best practice in our areas of specialism and continue our professional development.

London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association (LCCSA)

Seema Parikh is a member of the LCCSA, an organisation of legal professionals who are based in and around Greater London. One of the LCCSA ‘s main purposes is to maintain the highest standards of practice in the criminal courts in and around London.

Criminal Law Solicitors Association (CLSA)

Seema Parikh is also a member of the CLSA, an organisation of dedicated criminal law professionals. The CLSA states, “You can instruct a CLSA lawyer confident that you will get a top lawyer for the job”.

Criminal Bar Association

As a qualified barrister, Abdullah Al-Yunusi is a member of the Criminal Bar Association which represents the interests of members of the Criminal Bar across England and Wales.


Abdullah Al-Yunusi is also a member of Amnesty, a leading worldwide charity which promotes and defends human rights and aims to secure justice and dignity for all.

Association of Military Court Advocates (AMCA)

Alan Williams is a member of the AMCA, which promotes the highest standards of practice and advocacy in military law professionals. Alan has specific expertise representing clients at court martial proceedings.

Middlesex Law Society

Alan Williams is also a member of the Middlesex Law Society, of which he is former Vice President.


Sapna Shah is a barrister within our team and qualified family mediator with Resolution, an organisation which promotes the constructive resolution of family law matters. Sapna’s Resolution accreditations includes advocacy in private children law.