Mediation Solicitors

One form of Alternative Dispute Resolution is mediation. Mediation is not a substitute for legal advice, and it can be effective whether or not the parties have solicitors.

Its purpose is to help separating and divorcing parents to decide the full range of issues, including financial resolution, the arrangements for the children, the time the children should be spending with each parent, and other related practical matters.

An impartial mediator will help the parties decide on all the relevant arrangements, in a series of sessions over a sensible period of time, the length of which will depend on what needs to be discussed and how difficult the problems prove to be.

Mediation is an independent confidential process – that aims to help people reach their own decisions for the future, and can assist in avoiding or much reducing an often lengthy and painful court process.

Once the mediation has progressed to a satisfactory stage, then the parties can each seek independent advice from their solicitors, to ensure that the outcome achieved in the mediation is a fair one and to assist in converting it into a formal agreement or a court order.

At MPR Solicitors we can assist in providing mediation services to our clients.

It is crucial to the outcome of the case to get good sympathetic advice from the onset from experienced family law solicitors.