FEES in motoring cases

The vast majority of  motoring offences will be summary only meaning that your case will be dealt with by the  Magistrates Court. We will be able to provide expert representation for all of these cases.

For the vast majority of cases where you are pleading guilty or a first appearance subject to an initial assessment we will be able to deal with your case with a FIXED FEE of between £750+vat  and £950+vat depending on the location of the court. This will include:

  • considering the evidence against you
  • advising you on the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you
  • advising you in relation to your plea and likely sentence and the options available to the court in relation to sentencing
  • where appropriate, discussing with you whether an exceptional hardship or special reasons argument should be made
  • taking your instructions
  • representation at a single hearing in the magistrates court where the fixed fee allows for up to half a day. (*there will be a supplementary charge of £295+vat if the attendance at court is longer than half a day)
  • travel time

The fixed fee does not include:

  • trials
  • appeals
  • instruction of expert witnesses
  • special reasons/exceptional hardship hearings
  • taking witness statements
  • a consultation at the office prior to your court hearing (*There will be an additional fee payable of £295+vat for a pre-hearing  consultation)
  • disbursements 

If your case is not suitable for a fixed fee then we will be able to offer a combination of fixed fees and work on a standard hourly rate basis and you should call us and we will be able to discuss this with you.

Our hourly rates for our lawyers who do this work are:

  • Partner/Consultant: £295+vat
  • Associate Solicitor/ Solicitor > 3 yrs PQE: £220+vat
  • Solicitor <3 yrs PQE: £175+vat

Generally most cases such as allegations of drink/drug driving or special reasons would take 5-9 hours of preparation time in addition to attendance at court hearings but we will give you a better idea of our estimate once we know more about the details of your particular case.

The Key Stages of your case will be:

  • Meet with your solicitor where required in person or by phone to explain the court procedure and process to you and for you to provide your instructions
  • We will obtain the initial disclosure from the police/CPS to advise you on the evidence in your case
  • We will provide you with advice in relation to your plea and likely sentence 
  • We will meet you at court in good time to go through your case with you and the options available to the court in relation to sentencing
  • If you plead guilty then your case is likely to be concluded on the day that it is listed
  • If you are having a trial we will do all preparatory work and consider instruction of any expert witnesses and taking defence witness statements 
  • If you are having a trial then it can take up to 4  months for your case to conclude from the date of your first appearance depending on court listing availability 

Please call us to for an initial chat and find out what we can do on 020 3824 8080