Careless Driving Solicitors

MPR Solicitors provided specialist road traffic assistance to motorists for alleged careless driving offences.

Careless Driving offences are serious and can result in a driving ban and a substantial fine. The Prosecution will need to prove that your driving fell below the standard expected of a competent driver; OR that you did not show reasonable consideration for other pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

A conviction for careless driving has many consequences including:

  • Driving ban
  • Difficulties with your employment
  • Higher insurance premiums in the future
  • A criminal record
  • Extended Driving Licence test

We can provide an initial consultation under out fixed fee arrangements to ascertain whether or not you would have a defence available. If you do not have a defence then we will tell you and advise you how much it would cost to represent you at court if you plead guilty. Alternatively we can write a statement of mitigation for you in order for the court to treat you more leniently.

If you do have a defence available to the careless driving offence then we will advise you of our fixed fees in representing you at your trial and take your instructions and those of any defence witnesses to prepare your case for trial.

You may qualify for free representation under Legal Aid and as a Legal Aid provider firm we would be able to do your case under Legal Aid. See our Legal Aid page.

We may need to call expert evidence at your trial and our motoring solicitors have close links with many of the leading experts who provide expertise in motoring related issues.

It is crucial to the outcome of the case to get good advice from the onset from experienced road traffic lawyers.