Drugs Cases

A selection of our recent cases

R v W & ors: Kingston Crown Court: Conspiracy to import class A Drugs through Heathrow bonded warehouses

R v M & ors: Birmingham Crown Court: Conspiracy to Supply Heroin: Case involved one of the largest criminal gangs in the supply of heroin in the U.K.

R v A & ors: Maidstone Crown Court: Conspiracy to import class A Drugs via the use of corrupt BAA staff at London Airports to circumvent security controls.

R v D & Ors: Lewes Crown Court: Massive drugs importation case involving a huge number of importations of cocaine from Canada and and prosecuted by SOCA

R v H: Leeds Crown Court: Large scale supply of class A drugs

R v J: Liverpool Crown Court: Conspiracy to Supply Class A & B Drugs. This case involved 12 Defendants involved as an organised network to supply the North of England with drugs on a massive scale.

R v T & ors: Woolwich Crown Court: Largest Drugs conspiracy seizure by the Metropolitan Police involving 6 month police surveillance, large-scale importation and supply of over £100 million pounds worth of cocaine and money laundering – Operation Eaglewood. The case involved the use of covert surveillance, covert recordings and wiretap evidence obtained from foreign jurisdictions. Our client was the only Defendant to receive a suspended sentence in this large-scale conspiracy compared to other Defendants who received sentences varying from 10 years to 22 years. For more information click here.

R v X and ors: Bradford Crown Court: Large scale importations of cocaine and heroin valued at over £20m

R v S & ors: Isleworth Crown Court: Large scale importations of heroin involving corrupt British Airways baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport

R v G & ors: Hove Crown Court: Largest importation of cocaine and drugs conspiracy to produce and supply on the South Coast.  For more information click here.