Fraud Cases

A selection of our recent cases

R v J: Bradford Crown Court: A fraud involving Health Care Professionals on the NHS. A complex trial involving a mass of papers and difficult forensic accountancy and jurisdictional issues.

R v JT: Guildford Crown Court:  Timeshare pyramid selling fraud involving holidays. Charges under the Enterprise Act 2002 and also under the Fraud Act 2006.

R v K: Southwark Crown Court: Conspiracy to Defraud case involving assets valued at £500 million.

R v G & G: Kingston Crown Court: Spanish Villas fraud involving website sales of holidays and non-existant villa rentals to holidaymakers from 46 countries

R v H: Birmingham Crown Court: MPR Solicitors represented the first defendant who was a director of a number of companies responsible for money laundering £125 million (Operation Smarten)

R v S & ors: Canterbury Crown Court: Large scale credit card cloning fraud

R v F & ors: Northampton Crown Court: £200 million MTIC fraud & money laundering  (Operation Devout)

R v Zamlon Ltd: Southwark Crown Court: Offences under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. An investment fraud deceiving over 200 investors in buy to let property schemes and subsequent mortgage frauds.  For more information click here.

R v K & ors: Woolwich Crown Court: Series of cases involving VAT fraud (£150 million) & largest corruption case to date involving HMRC officers. A protected jury case. (Operation Bradford; Operation Mamba) The case consisted of three trials with a protected jury on each occasion. The case made the headlines when the jury was compromised as a result of a juror having an affair with her protection officer and the police protocols on jury protection were overhauled. We were able to secure favourable deals with the Crown following the collapse of the third trial at the Old Bailey.

R v B: Leeds Crown Court: An NHS Fraud involving consultants defrauding the NHS.

R v G & ors: Southwark Crown Court: Representing the Directors of MSBs allegedly laundering proceeds of Colombian cartels through a number of money service bureaus -Operation Cherbule

R v H: Isleworth Crown Court: Money Laundering by a director of a money service bureau involving in excess of £25m. For more information click here.

R v A & ors: Nottingham Crown Court: Largest drugs conspiracy in the North-East and moneylaundering – Operation Halbert

R v BRR Pharma: Reading Crown Court: Major prosecution by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) in relation to production, importation and distribution of counterfeit medicines

R v M: Birmingham Crown Court: Large scale organised social security benefit fraud

R v N: Southwark Crown Court: SFO prosecution involving PCTs