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News Bulletin from MPR Solicitors on serious cases of historic sexual abuse

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In this edition, we try to give a brief synopsis of each of the key enquiries and their remit in the midst of public and media hysteria that appears to have hit the news with the most recent inquiry surrounding the former British Prime Minster Ted Heath.

OPERATION HYDRANT – overseeing the operations

Simon Bailey is head of Operation Hydrant, the supervisory committee led by the National Police Chiefs Council to oversee the large number of force enquiries into allegations of child sexual abuse by high profile persons and within an institutional setting. He stated earlier this year that police forces across the UK were investigating or had investigated over 1400 men since 2014 for allegations of historic child abuse. The figure included 261 high-profile persons and 216 of those named were dead.

The allegations could range from one solitary incident to multiple abuse on the same or several victims either committed by an individual or as a group of individuals over several years and even decades.

OPERATION FAIRBANK – umbrella investigation

This is the Met’s umbrella inquiry into child abuse cases involving high-profile politicians and individuals, senior police officers and those figures in the media. It was initially used to test if there was any evidence to commence proper enquiries into such allegations. It then snowballed into other inquiries like Operations Midland and Operation Fernbridge amongst others.


This was a Met inquiry which was launched in 2013 to look into allegations of child abuse in the 1980s at the Grafton Close childrens home. There were prosecutions in the Grafton Close inquiry including a Catholic priest who was jailed for 3 years.


This was a Met inquiry into a paedophile ring that allegedly involved MPS including Cyril Smith who frequented the Elm Guest House in the 1970s and 1980s. The inquiry is on-going. The owners of the guest house which has now been turned into flats, were convicted of running a brothel. This inquiry is linked to Operation Midland.


This was set up by the Met to examine allegations of a paedophile ring which was run from Central London from the Dolphin Square Estate SW1 popular with MPs, military and high ranking police officers. The infamous case of Vishal Malhotra the 8 year old boy who disappeared on the day of the Royal Wedding and is believed to have been abducted by the gang from the Elm Guest House, is linked to Operation Midland. His father who is a retired magistrate was contacted by a male gigolo claiming that his son had been murdered by influential paedophiles from the Elm Guest House. It is believed that Ted Heath is being investigated under Operation Midland due to him being a senior politician.


This is a Met inquiry which commenced in 2012 concentrating on sexual abuse allegations by television presenter and celebrity Jimmy Saville. It is alleged that Saville abused hundreds to victims during decades of abuse. Under the same operation, but totally unconnected to Saville, many celebrities have been investigated. In particular Max Clifford and Rolf Harris were convicted for historic sexual offences under Operation Yewtree.


This is an inquiry into child abuse allegations linked to convicted paedophile Peter Righton who founded the Paedophile Information Exchange.


This is a NCA (National Crime Agency) investigation into sex abuse cases in nursing homes in Wales.


This investigation focuses on historic abuse cases at the Kesgrave Hall School in the 1970s, 198s and 1990s.


This inquiry was led by Greater Manchester Police Force into former MP Sir Cyril Smith who is alleged to have been an abuser of boys at the Cambridge House in Rochdale and at Knowl View residential school. He died in 2010 and was never interviewed by police.

There are also investigations being conducted in Jersey at a children’s home which hit the media headlines a couple of years ago and the findings are yet to be released by the authorities.

The enquiries reveal that over 1400 men have been interviewed by police about historic sexual abuse cases some involving minors which means it is not just high profile individuals that should be concerned but it could affect anyone.

MPR Solicitors specialists in historic sexual abuse cases and serious sexual offences have represented and advised individuals in defending these types of allegations. If you would like to discuss anything raised I this bulletin then please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be pleased to assist.