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Conspiracy to defraud: Inside job at DSS- MPR Instructed to defend at Harrow Crown Court

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MPR Solicitors have been instructed to represent a defendant who together with sixteen others is charged with Conspiracy to Defraud. Our client was originally represented by a duty solicitor at the police station as she had little experience of the criminal justice system. However, it was apparent that the solicitors were not up to the job and we we were chosen because of our expertise in fraud cases.

The case involves an insider at the DSS processing bogus applications from fictious claimants on an industrial scale and then authorising false payments.

At MPR we have put together a specialist team of fraud solicitors and caseworkers who have the support of expert teams of accountants, barristers, forensic experts and consultants to mount a proactive defence on behalf of our clients. We have also invested heavily in information technology which allows us to provide our clients with a case management system which assists in analysing and processing large amounts of data in a fast and efficient manner.

At MPR Solicitors our fraud team will analyse every case and seek to put forward a pro-active and positive defence at trial. We will advise our clients on every possible angle. These cases are often very complex and many high street criminal defence firms are simply not geared up with the resources or the specialist knowledge to defend effectively in Serious Fraud cases. MPR Solicitors are a member of the Legal Aid Agency’s Specialist Fraud Panel. This membership demonstrates our expertise and experience in fraud cases. In particularly complex serious fraud cases we can put together a team of 10-15 people in order to digest the case and prepare the defence case.