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Pre-charge advice by MPR for HNW accused of stealing deceased father's assets

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We were instructed to provide pre-charge advice and representation at the police stage of the investigation into the alleged fraud committed on the estate of the deceased by a family member and beneficiary under the will. This was a complex investigation spanning several jurisdictions due to the nature and location of the deceased's assets including overseas properties, foreign bank accounts and  art works.

MPR were able to draw upon the firm's expertise in civil and criminal litigation to provide strategic and measured advice to the client at a difficult time when that individual was having to cope with the loss of a parent and defend themselves against allegations of fraud by abuse of position.

The case required careful strategic planning as it ran parallel to civil proceedings in the High Court and the Court of Protection.

MPR provided the specialist pre-charge and civil fraud advice working in partnership with the client's Probate solicitors thereby advancing a unified defence in all areas both criminal and civil.

Seema Parikh the firm's Managing Partner provided the specialist pre-charge advice and representation at the police station.

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