CPS Investigations

If you are being investigated for any offences by the CPS then we can help. Our Defence Solicitors have an excellent reputation for dealing with serious and complex cases.

Sometimes complex investigations in complex cases can take a long time to investigate and prosecute. At MPR our Criminal Defence Team will work with you to ensure you get expert and quality representation of the highest standard and ensure that your interests are protected at each stage of the process.

We will be able to help and advise you on:

  • The investigation
  • Interviews
  • Warrants
  • Orders for production of documents

If you are sent a notice; asked to attend for an interview or arrested then please contact us immediately to safeguard your interest.

At MPR our specialist Defence Solicitors and Lawyers will be able to work with you to put your case forward in the best possible way. Our expert Defence Solicitors and Lawyers are highly experienced in criminal defence and will quickly get to grips with the issues in your case and immediately help you in building your case.

Our Defence Solicitors have been involved in many high profile and complex cases and we will always strive to provide you with the best legal advice and representation possible.

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors have acted in cases in Leeds; Bradford; Preston; Sheffield; Liverpool; Manchester; Nottingham; Wolverhampton; Birmingham; Leicester; Northampton; Croydon; Kingston; Maidstone; Lewes; Canterbury; Southampton and London.

The difference between us and many other Criminal Defence firms is that our clients come to us because of our reputation for providing a first class service in the field of criminal law and the results we achieve on behalf of our clients.

When you instruct us we will analyse your case from every possible angle. We will advise you on all available defences and assist you in developing a case strategy. Our expert Criminal Defence Solicitors and lawyers will help you to build your case and leave no stone unturned in advancing your case.

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers are well connected with some of the leading experts in the fields of: DNA; Fingerprint evidence; Blood splatter evidence; Cell Site evidence and Telecoms; Ballistics; Body mapping; CCTV enhancement; Voice/ speech recognition analysis; Forensic Accountants and our specialist Defence Solicitors are able to explore the all of the relevant forensic and factual issues in your case.

We will go through and explain every piece of evidence in the case and carefully take your instructions in order to put forward a cogent and positive case on your behalf.

We also have an expertise in confiscation and restraint and will be able advise you and protect your assets.

We have close links with some of the best Barristers Chambers and will only ever use highly regarded and the best Barristers for your case.

It is crucial to the outcome of the case to get good advice from the onset from experienced Criminal Defence Solicitors. Even if you have already been interviewed by the police or are unhappy with the solicitors who represented you we will be able to help you.