COVID-19 preparedness

We would like to reassure our clients and other visitors to our offices that we are following UK Government recommendations and putting in place measures to help mitigate the risk of increased infections.Currently all our offices are open and operating to our normal opening times. We are still able to attend on our clients at the police station, courts, prisons in accordance with current government guidance by video link and in person as appropriate.  Our criminal solicitors have been categorised by the government as essential workers providing key services within the administration of justice by providing urgent representation and defence to those detained at police stations or requiring representation at court.

Our overall approach is to follow the guidance issued by Public Health England, which can be found using the following link:

The government have also issued guidance for the operation of courts and tribunals which can be found at:
HMCTS web pages have also been updated:

Currently all offices remain open as all Staff have system access on days when working from  from home so normal service is uninterrupted. Clients and others can continue to contact us by phone and email as normal.

We are confident that, by taking this approach, we can ensure that public health is protected and that your matter is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Much of our work is typically conducted by phone, email or video call. Where we might normally consider meeting in person, in the current circumstances, we will suggest alternative ways to progress matters.

We are confident in being able to continue service the needs of our clients in these unprecedented times.