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MPR Solicitors secure acquittal in Sexual Assault on a minor at Aylesbury Crown Court

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MPR Solicitors secure acquittal in Sexual Assault on a minor at Aylesbury Crown Court

A grandfather was wrongly accused of sexually assaulting a teenager at a party. We represented the client from the police station investigative stage all the way through to trial in the Crown Court. We firmly believe that your defence starts at the police station and getting the right advice at that crucial stage can make a huge difference at trial. One of our experienced police station legal advisors represented our client and took the tactical decision to take a detailed statement from him outlining his defence and timed and dated it for future use to rebut any Prosecution claim of recent fabrication of a defence and to counter any adverse inference being drawn from a “no comment” interview should the matter proceed to a charge and trial.

This was an astute tactical decision and at trial the defence were able to counter every single attempt by the prosecution to undermine our client’s case. We were so confident in the advice that we had given at the police station that we advised our client to waive his legal privilege and call our lawyer to give evidence as to why he had advised on a “no comment” interview which is quite rare. The prosecution sensed that their case would collapse if they were to argue recent fabrication and at the last minute abandoned their attempts to adduce any suggestion of recent fabrication. Following complex legal argument and following a full jury trial where our client gave evidence, a jury returned a unanimous not guilty verdict within 2 hours. We were able to adduce evidence of previous false allegations made by the alleged complainant against other individuals and highlighted the weaknesses in the Prosecution case both forensically and in the credibility of the alleged complainant’s account.

Success in trial cases largely depends upon the meticulous case preparation and attention to detail by both the defence team and the client. At MPR Solicitors, we take pride in providing a bespoke service to our clients whether it is a privately funded case or a case funded by legal aid.  Naturally where a case is privately funded, a client often has more choices and options available to them such as the instruction and availability of specific barristers and choice of experts in a particular field and also the level of solicitor assigned to a case. We will take time out to get to know your case and work to achieving the best possible outcome for you.

We have been involved in representing and defending in some of the country’s most serious sexual offences cases involving Operation Yew Tree and Operation Outreach. Our solicitors in the Complex Crime Team can advise in the following areas:

  • Sexual Assault (including Rape)
  • Historic Abuse cases
  • Human Trafficking
  • Grooming
  • Making Indecent Images
  • Possession of Indecent Images

We work closely with some of the world’s leading experts in computer/cyber forensics and can challenge Prosecution evidence. We also have close links with specialist Barristers from leading Chambers in London and together we can put a robust multi-disciplinary defence team in place.

If you or someone you know are facing serious sexual allegations including rape; sexual assault; grooming offences; illegal pornography and indecent images then please call us in order to speak to one of our expert sexual offences solicitors