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MPR secures acquittals at Snaresbrook Crown Court for client charged with 4 rapes

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This month saw the in-house legal team at MPR solicitors secure a double acquittal for their client facing 4 charges of rape between 2010 and 2014. The case was litigated by MPR solicitors and the Crown Court advocacy was also conducted by an MPR in-house advocate.

The first case involved complex areas of DNA and identification evidence. The first two rapes occurred over four years ago and our client was arrested on a speculative search conducted by the police as part of their routine intelligence when DNA samples are taken and run through a database of unsolved crimes. In this case our client had been arrested for motoring offences and his DNA was taken routinely by the police. The National Police Database was checked and his DNA was found to match that of a suspect of two serious rapes 4 years ago. In particular our client’s DNA was found on the tights of the victim. He was arrested, interviewed and charged. We made robust representations to the police and the CPS for a post-charge identification parade.

Our client was also arrested and charged for two further date rapes where the complainant met him on a dating website.

As he faced two serious cases involving serial rapes, our client was denied bail initially. But we prepared a very thorough bail package and made representations about the deficiencies in the first case. Following the post-charge identification parade, the victim did identify the client as her former boyfriend but confirmed he had not raped her and it was a stranger who had sexually assaulted her. The Court finally had to release our client on bail.

Once on bail, our client was able to prepare his case with the specialist advice and representation of the MPR complex crime team. The allegations against him were quite sordid but following a fully contested trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, our client was unanimously acquitted of all counts.

At MPR solicitors, we understand and respect our clients and we will never judge. We treat all our clients with dignity whatever charges they face and will do our utmost to protect and advance our clients’ interests and defence.

In serious sexual assault cases, the implications of a conviction can have long and damaging consequences such as being placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register (SOR) which gives police draconian safeguarding powers which are extremely difficult to challenge.

At MPR solicitors, we have a proven track record in successfully defending allegations of serious sexual assault at every stage in a case from the police investigative stage up to the Crown Court. In some instances, we can assist in making representations to the CPS pre-charge.