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Kinneri Patel

Joint Enterprise: The jurisprudential maze

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As a law student joint enterprise seemed simple enough: those acting with a common intention or purpose could be held jointly liable for their actions. As a practitioner, I quickly learnt how wrong I was to marginalise the concept of joint enterprise in...

Your Right to Choice of Solicitor - A Fundamental Tenet of the Criminal Justice System

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This summer the criminal justice system hit the headlines with talks of the government removing the right to choose your solicitor in criminal defence. The sight of Eddie Stobart’s lorry still fills me with horror: our criminal justice system could...

Operation Wolf - Thames Valley police forced to ditch case

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Another success for MPR Solicitors in July at Aylesbury Crown Court when the prosecution were pushed into a corner by our relentless pursuit of disclosure issues prior to trial in a multi-defendant kidnap and false imprisonment case. We represented 2...