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Queen's Speech: the latest Bills

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Queens Speech: the latest Bills

Today’s Queen’s Speech was the shortest for 20 years and it included just 11 new bills compared to the previous government’s 31 new Bills in 2006.

Here is a brief summary of some of the new Bills:

Small business, Enterprise and Employment Bill

This Bill is due to set a deregulation target for every Parliament, assist companies get credit lending from banks, tackle employment tribunal delays and set higher fines for employers who fail to pay the minimum wage.

 National Insurance Contributions Bill

This Bill will tackle avoidance and simplify the collection of contributions from self-employed individuals

Infrastructure Bill

This will support the development of fracking and maximise North Sea reserves to make Britain energy independent. It will empower fracking companies to drill under private homes without requiring consent from the homeowner. Regulations for new homes to be zero carbon will also be watered down.

Childcare Payments Bill

Introduction of a new tax-free childcare allowance worth £2000 per annum per child along with free school meals in all infant schools

Modern Slavery Bill

Will make the reporting of human trafficking a legal duty and set up an anti-slavery commissioner. Maximum sentences for convicted human traffickers to range from 14 years to life imprisonment.

Social Action Responsibility and Heroism Bill

Good Samaritans and vigilantes will be given new legal protection if they are sued for neglect or breach of duty after intervening in an emergency.

Serious Crime Bill

The definition of Child Cruelty will be extended to cover the most serious cases of emotional neglect and psychological harm.

Service Complaints Bill

This will give members of the Armed Forces a better complaints procedure to be overseen by a Service Complaints Ombudsman.

If you think you may be affected by any aspect of these then please contact us to discuss your concerns