Second Opinion

At MPR Solicitors we often receive enquiries from people who may well be happy with their current lawyers but want a second opinion none the less from leading expert lawyers. It may be that they are looking for reassurance that what that have been told is correct or they may have an inkling that something may be wrong.

We believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong in seeking a second opinion on important matters that will impact heavily on your life. In the medical world most sensible people will get a second opinion if they were suddenly told that they had a life threatening illness or had an incurable disease.

Following a consultation with us you may leave feeling absolutely reassured that the advice you have received thus far has been sound or you may have confirmed what that little voice at the back of your head was telling you – that what you have been advised was not right.

We will be pleased to advise you in a private and confidential consultation and discuss aspects of your case with you.